16 oz. - Creme Brulee - LG Mason Jar Mug - 100% Soy Candle

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Delicious buttery top notes meld with a tantalizing mix of warm sugar and sweet vanilla with tiny, tiny hints of coconut at the base. We hand pour the candles in our kitchen in Lancaster Co. PA.
Candles are natural white.
We use 100% pure USA Soy wax. (Laws permit sellers to call their candle soy, even if over 50% of the wax is paraffin,not soy).
We use the right amount of essential oils to add a pleasing scent to the candle.

The lids have a pop out disc with a punched out design in the metal lid. Just remove the disc and you have an air freshener.

Brand :
Homeplace Candle
Manufactured In :
USA - Pennsylvania
Glass & Soy Wax

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