16 oz. Balsam Clove - LG Mason Jar Mug - 100% Soy Candle

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The lovely scent of balsam and chestnut trees, a mix of evergreen and deciduous. Spicy clove bud, mixed with bergamot and saffron lace.

We hand pour the candles in our kitchen in Lancaster Co. PA.
Candles are natural white.
We use 100% pure USA Soy wax. (Laws permit sellers to call their candle soy, even if over 50% of the wax is paraffin,not soy).

The lids have a pop out disc with a punched out design in the metal lid. Just remove the disc and you have an air freshener.

We strive to add the right amount - not so much that it makes you sick nor too little that you cannot smell it in a normal room. A room with a high ceiling or lots of air movement will "loose" the candle scent. Let us know how we did.
•By nature, soy candles have a milky appearance on the surface.
•Being a handcrafted product, slight variations in appearance from candle pictured may occur.
•Air bubbles may occur between the wax and glass caused by temperature change during shipping.
•Setting candle in direct sunlight may cause frosting on the glass.
•RECYCLE, Use the jar for a unique drinking glass or send it too us to refill with wax.

Great hostess gift idea!

Brand :
Homeplace Candle
Manufactured In :
USA - Pennsylvania
Glass & Soy Wax

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