Immergood TUB COVER - Stainless Steel - Insulated


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  • Keeps ice cream cold for even longer!
  • Stainless Steel
  • Very Sturdy Construction
  • Built by Immergood

Use this cover on the Immergood 4 qt. & 6 qt. or 8 qt. Ice Cream Freezers.
Enjoy your ice cream for several days or take it along to an event!
Stainless steel insulated cover
Old-fashioned method of hardening ice cream to keep it for several days in the Immergood freezer
Leave the ice cream in the can, remove the dasher and place a sheet of wax paper over the can. Press the can cover down over the wax paper and cover the lid hole with a cork or tape. Drain off the water in the tub and repack with 5 parts ice to 1 part salt, until the entire can and lid are covered with the ice/salt mixture. Then place the Immergood insulated cover over the top. Let set, will freeze hard.

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