Bat House from Rustic Reclaimed Mushroom Wood


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Sturdy attractive backyard bat house. Made from wood that was once used on mushroom beds. The wood is thick and has a deep grain.
It will comfortably house 20-40 bats, depending on species. The bat house measures approximately 12.75" W x 15.25" H x 3.5" H

What is "Mushroom" Wood?
The wood for mushroom beds is made from Cypress and Hemlock. This wood held the compost where mushrooms are grown. This bat house is naturally weather resistant due to the acid from the mushroom soil and does not require staining or treatment. Over the course of time, the wood turns a deep golden brown. The knots in the wood get more pronounced as the softer wood wears away with use.
Each piece has it's own unique character. The deep grained, ripple effect creates a finish like no other.

Help the bats, help the environment by using a Bat House made from reclaimed wood.

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