Hickoryplaz - Duo Nestic Chicken Nesting Boxes, Two Hole


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  • Plastic Welded Design, Comes Assembled. Great for Backyard Chicken Pens and Grass Fed Chickens
  • Dark Interior Appeals to Chickens Natural Nesting Instincts.
  • Made in USA, Lancaster County, PA
  • 23.5" Wide.
  • Great for 8-10 Chickens

Plastic welded poultry next box. Roll away egg nest box. Removable, easy to clean egg tray. Some chicken farmers report the chickens prefer their poly built nest box over the standard sheet metal nest box.
Size: 23.5" Wide, 23.5" High, Overall depth 17.5", Box depth 12.5", Holes 7.5" Dia.
Built/ Made in USA. This purchase supports a small family shop in Lancaster County, PA

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